Valve Clearance Adjustment on 2003 – 2007 Accord

Valve clearance adjustment 2003 Accord

This is the procedure for a valve clearance check/adjustment on the 4cyl. 7th generation i.e. 2003 – 2007 Honda Accord. As per the owners manual, this procedure is recommended every 110,000 miles or if the valves become noisy.

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Replacement of Leaking VTEC Oil Pressure Switch on the 2003 Accord

VTEC oil pressure switch

Following the leak I had from the VTEC solenoid spool valve assembly which I aimed to repair by replacing the filter on the assembly (catch that DIY here), the leak continued. With the engine running and looking down at the VTEC spool valve assembly, I could just see the oil flowing slowly from

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Replacing VTEC Spool Valve Assembly Filter on the 2003 Accord

VTEC Spool Valve Assembly Filter

The featured image says it all. My VTEC spool valve assembly was leaking oil and I figured to change this. This procedure explains how to change the spool valve assembly filter (PN:15810-RAA-A02). This will also double for the replacement of the VTEC spool valve assembly. The oil was leaking onto

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Replacement of PCV valve on the 2003 – 2007 Accord (4Cyl)

Introduction: The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve serves to vent the blow-by gases that make it to the crankcase from the combustion chamber via the piston rings. Increased crankcase pressure can lead to oil leaks e.g. from the valve cover gasket. Leaks due to a clogged PCV valve would often occur via multiple channels due to the raised crankcase pressure.

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