Replacement of PCV valve on the 2003 – 2007 Accord (4Cyl)

Introduction: The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve serves to vent the blow-by gases that make it to the crankcase from the combustion chamber via the piston rings. Increased crankcase pressure can lead to oil leaks e.g. from the valve cover gasket. Leaks due to a clogged PCV valve would often occur via multiple channels due to the raised crankcase pressure.

Tools: Needle-nose pliers, sz 17 spanner and of course a new part!

Procedure: Locate the part. On this model, it can be found just above the alternator. See the red circle  and arrow below:


Location of PCV valve up close

Location of PCV valve up close

Next, using the needle-nose pliers, remove the clamp holding the PCV hose in place.

20141221_083359Unscrew the valve using the size 17 spanner. Remove the valve and its washer.

PCV ValveReplace with the new part and follow reverse steps.20150417_075704

New PCV valve in place

New PCV valve in place

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