Replacement/Resurfacing of Brake Rotors on 2003 – 2007 Accord

disc rotor change on 2003 Accord

Here I document the procedure for replacing your front brake rotors (aka brake disc). I rather resurfaced mine than replace as it was still within limits. What made me do this? My front discs were warped and caused steering wheel vibration during braking at high speed.

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Replacing Worn Exhaust Rubber Mounts

Exhaust rubber

Exhaust rubbers don’t break down often, but they do need replacement when broken or worn. Broken rubbers will lead to rattling exhaust noise from the underside of the car. If not replaced other exhaust rubbers and even the exhaust pipe may break.

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Car Air Conditioning not Cooling well

Car AC not cooling

In this diagnosis case series lies my recent troubleshoot and resolution of poor cooling from the air conditioning (AC) on a friend’s 2003 Toyota Corolla. Regardless of car make or model these steps will work in other vehicles with an AC system that isn’t cooling enough.

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