Parking Brake will not engage Left Rear Drum Brake. Fixed!!!

wheel cylinder

In Nigeria, a road worthiness test is the equivalent of emissions testing or MOT in the US and UK respectively. I had gone in for this annual requirement and to my surprise I failed on account of 3 faults; (1) Difference in rear brakes in excess of 60% (2) Rear left parking brake not working (3) non-aligned tires. Faults 1

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Brake Lights Won’t Go Off!

Brake Lights 2003 Accord

Just recently, I came home at night, shut off the car but the brake lights stayed on. In this post I write on how I resolved the anomaly. This problem is usually caused by a faulty brake light switch or a broken brake light switch stopper. The stopper or retainer is made of plastic and if in place, keeps the

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Car Air Conditioning not Cooling well

Car AC not cooling

In this diagnosis case series lies my recent troubleshoot and resolution of poor cooling from the air conditioning (AC) on a friend’s 2003 Toyota Corolla. Regardless of car make or model these steps will work in other vehicles with an AC system that isn’t cooling enough.

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