Welcome to DIYAutoWorksNG;  a product of my deep passion for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) car fixes. This blog serves to vent the DIY escapades I’ve had on my trusted 2003 Honda Accord, offer general maintenance information and possibly inspire more motorists to take on some level of car DIY fixes.

I have no background in engineering, quite the opposite; I’m in the healthcare industry; a medical doctor! But its been a wonderful experience and my car still runs like a warhorse. Whilst most procedures on DIYAutoWorksNG are on the 7th generation of Honda Accord (2003 4cyl to be exact), there is an abundance of crosscutting content to make it an interesting find for car owners   irrespective of car make. I hope you find it an interesting read. I look forward to your timeless comments, and hey, don’t forget to sign up!