What you should Know if Considering a Denso Direct-fit Radiator

In this video I cover a little issue to be aware of if you plan to install a Denso direct-fit radiator on the 2003 Accord. I omitted this issue on my earlier post; replacement of the radiator on 2003 Accord. This may apply to other Denso Direct-fit radiators.

The problem is with the left border of the radiator which isn’t flush with the top-left edge. On the OEM both top-left edge and the left border are flush. You will need to trim off about 0.5cm to prevent the radiator making contact with the anchor for the condenser.


  • Braveheart

    Thanks for your helpful videos.

    Please, where did you buy your Denso direct fit radiator from?

    I will be needing one soon for my 2003 Accord.

    • Thanks for the cheer. I got the radiator from Rockauto.com through a freight forwarder to avoid custom duty. I actually searched the local part markets but couldn’t get a used one in pristine condition. If you are in the US,no biggy.

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