Replacing the Transmission Filter on 2003 – 2007 Honda Accord 4cyl

Introduction: The Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is filtered of external and wear debris by the transmission filter. Although the owners manual for this model does not list replacement as a maintenance item, replacing this is more of a preventive step. The filter is external i.e. not within the transmission itself.


ATF Filter of 2003-2007 Honda Accord, 4cyl, 5speed automatic.

Tools & Materials: Needle-nose pliers, 10mm spanner, new transmission filter (part number: 25430-PLR-003) and a rag.

Location of transmission filter

Fig1: Location of transmission filter

Procedure: Locate the ATF filter. You will find this by standing opposite the front left tire and looking down, over the engine fuse box. I recommend removing the engine air box and the loosening the 2 10mm bolts for the fuse box. Then move the box out of the way. This would create more room.

2003 Accord transmission filter

Mounting bracket removed

Next, remove the 10mm bolt securing the bracket securing to the filter. Place a rag beneath the filter, and using the needle-nose pliers or equivalent, remove the 3-prong clamps on the inlet and outlet hoses. The rag will collect the slight spill of ATF, nothing to worry about :D.

Before removing the hoses, note the orientation of the filter in relation to the inlet and outlet hoses (the smaller half points to the rear of the car).

Replace the filter and voila! you’re done. Assemble following reverse steps

2003 Accord transmission filter change

New transmission filter fitted


  • David

    Hello Piyke,
    This is helpful.
    But please where can I purchase this transmission filter in Lagos?
    New or toks.

    • Hi David,
      So sorry I didn’t respond. For some reason, I didn’t get a notification on this comment.
      I’m not exactly sure where to get a new one in Lagos. I won’t advise getting a used one. Maybe oyingbo?

  • Rob

    Nice video thanks , how much ATF came out when removed filter ? Will I need to buy a quart of fluid too? Thank you

  • Justin Olisa

    Hi,I drive a Honda accord, 2003 and I live in ewekoro,Ogun state.please I need contact on were I can get DW1

  • Dipo Ameen

    I drive Honda Accord 2007, where it’s impossible to get d Honda recommended ATF DW1, wats d alternative. I bought d Z1 days ago to top my transmission witout knowing it has bn discontinued.

    • Hi Dipo,
      Thanks for reading. What country are you in? If Nigeria what state? DW1 is now fairly available and I have a few contact of suppliers in a couple states.
      If you let me know where you are at, I’ll recommend the nearest to you

      • nosh martins (Arc)

        Can the automatic gear filter of honda accord 2004 be cleaned up if one is unable to replace it…

        • Hello Nosh,

          Cleaning the filter is possible. You can spray it with brake cleaner, electronic parts cleaner to get the oil and debris off. You will need to clean until the effluent is no longer greyish. Also do the flushing from the side of the filter that faces towards the rear of the transmission. After cleaning flush with some DW-1.

  • Stec

    I would really like to build my own tool box ASAP any leads as to how and where to start from?

    • Hello Stec, nice to have you drop by.
      Building your tool box would depend on the car you have, the DIY tasks you want to take on and your budget.
      For the toolbox itself, Shoprite (I presume you are writing from Nigeria) stocks a nice plastic one that retails for NGN1099 and a more expensive steel one. I have used and still use the plastic one from Shoprite; its quite durable. You can start with that.
      For the tools, let me recommend you read the post here on “buying your first set of tools for DIY” for guidance. You would need pliers, screwdrivers (flat and star) and spanners or ratchet to start with. You will find more details in the post.
      Do let me know if you have any more questions.

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