Removal of Driver Door Panel on 2003-2007 Honda Accord

Contained herein is the step-by-step procedure for the removal of the front door drivers panel on the 2003-2007 Honda Accord. This is often required if you wish to access the front door speakers, lock mechanism etc for repairs. On this occasion I was replacing my ailing driver door actuator (I will detail the replacement of the driver door actuator on a different post).

Materials: Screwdrivers (Philips and flat-tip) and a razor blade.

1. Using a small flat tip screwdriver, pry up the edge of the covering for the recess housing the lever for opening the door.

Driver door panel removal 2003-2007 Accord

Prying up the covering

2. Unscrew the revealed 2 screws.

Removal of driver door panel from 2003 -2007 Accord

Remove the 2 black screws

3. Pry up the rubber covering in the recess just behind the power window buttons. This will show a single screw. Remove it.

Removal of front driver door panel 2003-2007 Accord

Prying up the rubber covering

Removal of front driver door panel 2003-2007 Accord

Remove the single screw here





4. Remove this plastic covering at the upper front end of the door panel. Don’t know what its called, but would come off by slipping fingers underneath and pulling off. Its only held by plastic clips.

Removal of front driver door panel 2003-2007 Accord

Remove this plastic housing

5. Using the tip of a flat screwdriver pry up the lower front end of the door panel. I started from just below the door speaker.

Removal of front driver door panel 2003-2007 Accord

Prying up the lower portion of the door panel

6. Once you can slip your fingers under the panel from the pried up portion, pull back. This will separate the plastic tabs holding the door panel. The panel would now be held by 4 cables which you would need to detach their connectors. You will need to suspend the hanging door panel for now until you disconnect the 4 cables.

7. From the rear aspect of the door panel, push back on the plastic housing for the driver door opening lever. This is the same part you removed 2 screws from in step two. Once pushed out, slide this through the opening to the rear of the door panel.

8. Detach the 2 electrical connectors for the side mirror adjusters and the window/lock button console. These are marked by the 2 red arrows. Both connectors have a tab to depress before removing the connector. You can turn the door panel anticlockwise to have the base rest on the ground while you do this step. Remember don’t pull on the wire itself. Pull on the white connector.

Driver door electrical connectors 2003 Accord

Driver door electrical connectors

9. Remove the connector for the low lying door light. Its held by the grey cable shown below. To do this, simply twist the circled part anticlockwise to free the connector. Then pull out.

Removal of driver door panel on 2003 Accord

Remove the low lying door light

10. Once the 4 cables are removed. Set the door panel aside and you will have the image below.

Front door panel removal on 2003 Accord

Door panel removed

11. Next you will need to remove the driver door opening lever mechanism (not the coolest name I admit, but it’s the bit dangling above held by the black cable). It all begins at this joint shown below.

Removal of the driver door panel 2003 Accord

Removal of the driver door locking cable

To remove this cable from the opening mechanism, the black plastic in between my fingers would need to be rolled off the grey metal in between it. To do this, just roll back the end of the black plastic next to the tip of my index finger while pushing the grey metal out of the recess of the plastic. Once out, you will have the image below. With the black plastic removed, lift off the end of the cable.

Removal of front door panel 2003 Accord

Black plastic rolled off

12. Finally, to access the parts behind the door panel, you will need to peel back the water-proof covering shown in step 10. It’s held by some severely sticky gum. My technique is to peel back and divide the gummy substance with a razor blade. Some others have proposed heating this with a hair drier as it makes peeling back easier. Using the razor blade has worked very well for me.

Removing the driver door panel on 2003 Accord

Cutting though the adhesive

You will only peel back enough to allow you access to the part you need to get to. Hope this helps with your DIY repair!


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