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    Hello Mr Piyke, Great DIY Job, but in MY OWN OPINION i think Honda was right to recommend replacement of the whole fuse-box unit, i don’t think its worth the stress if you factor in labour & car downtime as a cost and considering the fact that no Nigerian part dealer will sell only the circuit board, the remaining carcass becomes useless to the seller. Cheers

    • Thanks Do for watching the vidoe.I quite agree that replacing the whole Fusebox with a BRAND NEW one will be better. However, cost is a major factor. I think a new OEM part costs over $400 in the US. I also know someone who was able to buy a brand new circuit board, though in the US. So this is something one can order.
      The challenge in Nigeria really is that part sellers already sell parts from fuseboxes piecemeal e.g. the used one I bought had all relays and fuses gone, save two 7.5amp fuses. The plastic covering of the box was very dirty and some of the key locking tabs broken off!
      I preferred swapping the circuit board and the keeping rest of my box since I was sure it was the only problem it had. Also remember that if you fit a used part bought here, it doesn’t amount to a really “new” fusebox. Problems might come from other stuff.

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