A simple way to Remove Damp, Moisture & Wetness from Cars

I’m using this to eliminate the damp and moisture which has collected in my driver floor carpet. It’s working so well that I thought to share. This method will work quite nicely if you do not have the time or skill to remove the entire floor carpet for sun drying. Do note that to make this procedure more effective you should first find the source of the wetness and deal with it. If not the damp, moisture or wetness would keep coming back. I had to resort to this because its been very grey lately, with rain after rain and little sunshine.

Materials: Interior or car dehumidifier (I bought mine from a supermarket for NGN690), rags/towels, screw driver and spanners (screw driver and spanner may not be needed. They are essentially for removing screws and bolts in the process of peeling back your floor carpet.

  • Remove debris from the car interior floors and peel back your floor carpet. Limit to affected side. Procedure will differ depending on the car.


  • Remove any accumulation of water using the rags. Remove as much as possible. Mine was pretty soaked! I had to remove the floor rubber grommet for the excess to drain out (replace rubber grommet).
  • Activate the dehumidifier (according to directions on it) and place in vehicle. I started by putting this beneath the carpet, but it seems leaving this on the dashboard draws moisture faster. Use a wedge to create some space beneath the carpet and the floor of the vehicle.
  • Leave the setup for the dehumidifier to work. This will take days depending on the level of moisture you have. For mine, I left the dehumidifier in place when not driving and  put it aside when I want to drive to ensure that the floor carpet rested as designed.
Dehumidifier for car

Water collection in the dehumidifier just after 24hr


car dehumidifier

Water collection in Dehumidifier after a couple of days

Remember to plug where the moisture is coming from. For mine which involved the driver floor carpet I had to rule out worn floor rubber grommets. To access rubber grommets you will need to first find its position from the underside of the vehicle and then depending on its orientation remove from the underside of the car or from beneath the floor carpet. Mine were still good. The problem seemed to be coming from a blockage in the drainage lines for my moon roof which I’ve freed up.

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