Broken tire belts: meaning and symptoms

Do you hear a thumping sound (dim-dim-dim-dim) from the wheels while driving and does your steering wheel vibrate as well? Has this progressively gotten worse? If so, you may well have a broken tire belt. Broken tire belts occur when the reinforcing steel cords within the rubber of tires break. This often leads to an uneven tire surface.


Bump on tire threads due to broken belts


Tire with no broken belts or loss of contour

In Nigeria, vulcanisers typically say such a tire has ‘cut its wire’. Depending on the location of the broken belt, bumps, humps etc. would emerge making the affected surface loose its normal shape. The first picture is from my 3+ year old tire that broke a belt earlier in the year. Compare with this second picture to see the loss of contour. With the compromise in structural integrity, replacement is indicated.

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